Written, produced and directed by Eamonn McLoughin the story is loosely based on the old Scottish fairy tale of Tam Lin –  especially Fairport Convention’s interpretation of it. It was shot in 8 different locations – mainly in Dublin, except for the stone circle in Ballymore Eustace, Kildare and the Yew Tree avenue which is in Huntington Castle, county Carlow.

The story features up and coming actors, Caoimhe Cassidy and Aron Hegarty as well as the experienced, Michael James Ford playing the evil banker. It was an unusually long film to make – it took about 9 months in all to get finished as there were a lot of special effects and music to get done. Also, the logistics of having to shoot over so many locations – some of them quite far away from Dublin – didn’t make things easy either. Also, it was my first attempt at directing so a lot of errors were made, but it got made in the end and it turned out well, but I would say that now wouldn’t I? Ha.